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Welcome to the master site manager for Roger Carlton Sherman.  On these pages you can access any of the sites owned or managaed, as well as recommended allied sites.



Site Directory

These managed sites are included in this directory. To access, select "Managed" from the navigation area.

*Noble Society of Celts

*Apsley Manor

*The Principality of Tomania

*Stebbins-Sherman Genealogical Site

*Stebbins - Sherman Archive Site and Photo Gallery.

*One Laurel Place Condominium Site

*Lakeland High School Reunion Site

*Historic Hernando Preservation Society

*Hernando Exotic Bird Club



*The Order of St. Lazarus

*The Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem

*The Order of St. Stanislas

*The Order of the Dragon of Annam

*Lakeland High School Class of 59


*Monson Free Library, repository of the Family Archives

*Monson Historical Society, with Sherman & Stebbins family photographs and documents

*The David Straz Performing Arts Center, Formerly the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center




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May 2017